My Beautiful Teacher

Chapter 50 A Dull Man

“What?” Qin Chao was shocked, and quickly said, “Impossible! Teacher, you must be mistaken. Li Na this child always study hard so that she can achieve her dream of being admitted to Beijing University. You said she was in love? I don’t quite believe it!”

Qin Chao was telling the truth, among their apartment building, Li Na is the model child for other parents in teaching their children. Whenever someone’s child has a bad exam result, their parents would say.

‘You look at Li Na, see how diligent she is! Her mother doesn’t need to worry about her!’

This led to malignant effects, that is, all of the children in building, each and every one of them likes to pick up on Li Na. After all, this little girl had put enormous pressure on them.

“We are talking about people who fall in love.” The female teacher solemnly said, “Especially as a woman, I believe in my judgement regarding my observation. In this regard, I hope that the parents can cooperate. If necessary, you can correct her attitude and making her give up this puppy love idea. She is such a good student; we cannot let something as vague as love destroy her future!”

“I’m sorry teacher, but I cannot agree with you regarding this matter.” Qin Chao maintained an upright appearance, saying, “As a teacher, I thought that you should’ve known about this. Each child will experience an attraction to the opposite sex once they reach puberty. Although Li Na is an excellent student, she is also an ordinary girl. It is a reasonable thing if she fall in love with a boy.”

“How can you say that!” The female teacher looked horrified, said, “falling in love will only make the student lose interest in the study. Li Na’s performance has declined so much is a fact that you can’t deny. In the aspect of the student education, we are the professionals!”

“If you’re professional, then why do you need for us to come here!” Qin Chao was a little bit angry, how could this female teacher persistently unreasonable. Falling in love is not a bad thing to happen to a child; the key is how to guide them.

When he was in the senior year in high school, many boys and girls fall in love with each other. The enormous pressure that was put on the students by the parents and the teachers is causing some of these children to become depressed. Once there was a good girl who falls in love with one of the bad boys. When their relationship was discovered, the parents and the teacher indiscriminately separate them.

Finally, she couldn’t stand the pressure anymore. She committed suicide by cutting her wrist.

Qin Chao doesn’t want such tragedy to happen to Li Na.

“You are a parent! How could you speak so irresponsibly like this!” The female teacher has gotten angry, “The parents should be working together with the teacher! Li Na is the key student for the school to train, and her learning is directly related to her future life!”

“Yes, but this matter is also linked to your school’s admission rates.” Qin Chao sneers, and said, “If Li Na is admitted to a prestigious university, then your school’s reputation will increase. This will bring more income to the school, am I right?”

“What you said has nothing to do with me!” The female teacher was thoroughly annoyed, “I am Li Na’s teacher, my responsibility is to ensure Li Na’s great achievement! I don’t want to see this child’s future destroyed by puppy love!”

“I believe in Li Na! She wouldn’t have made such a mistake.” Qin Chao firmly said.

“I don’t want to discuss this with you, you are too young and don’t understand these things!” The female teacher is flushed with anger. She simply waves her hand and said, “when Li Na’s mother come, I will discuss this with her!”

“If you don’t want to talk then so be it!” Qin Chao turned his head and said, “Su Ji, let’s go.”

“You go first; I want to have a chat with Li Na’s teacher.” Su Ji rolls her eyes, turn around, pull up the arm of the female homeroom teacher, and said to her, “Teacher you mustn’t get angry, men are just like that, how could they understand how to educate a child. Let him out, and then I will talk to you about…”

After that, she shooed Qin Chao out of the classroom.

“Really! What the….” The classroom door was slammed shut, leaving it touches Qin Chao’s nose, and separating him with Su Ji.

While Qin Chao is waiting in the corridor, nobody knows about what Su Ji is talking about with the homeroom teacher inside the classroom. He doesn’t see her out of the room after waiting for a long while.

At this time, from the bathroom at the end of the corridor, Wu Bin comes out while hugging a female student whose hair are wet with sweat. When Qin Chao saw him, Qin Chao’s brows immediately wrinkled.

‘Does Li Na’s mind become restless because this guy is trying to woo her?’

In the basketball court, Qin Chao observed Wu Bin peculiar behaviour toward Li Na.

Thinking of this, he immediately walks over to this affectionate couple, who are currently showing PDA (public display of affection).

“You?” Wu Bin pulls out a pack of light Chunghwa cigarette from his pocket, puts one of it in his mouth and lights the cigarette with one hand while the other hand is hugging the girl, “Aren’t you Li Na’s brother, why haven’t you go home yet? I’m telling you, my recent lost was just an accident, I’m not feeling very well recently…”


“A!” A heavy sound continued by a scream was heard. What happened was-Qin Chao came, grabbed Wu Bin by the collar and push him into the wall behind him, making the girl next to them uttered a frightened scream.

“I’ll make your body unwell then!” Qin Chao’s grip presses up at Wu Bin’s chin, making the latter’s body lift up in the air. Wu Bin was frightened, his 1.85 meters (~6’1”) giant body unexpectedly being easily lifted by a 1.78 meter (5’10”) man.

This strength is so scary!

“You, you dare to touch me! My father is a Minister of Education! ”

“Bang!” Qin Chao pays him no attention. He just stretches his fist and directly hit close to Wu Bin’s face. The wall immediately hit with the fist, and it’s outer surface flying up everywhere, scratching Wu Bin’s face.

“I’m warning you, stop going after Li Na. Otherwise, I’ll break your legs!” Qin Chao’s eyes are showing a murderous intent, making Wu Bin feel goosebumps on all over his body. Qin Chao has killed a man before, that’s why when he is angry, his body will involuntarily reeks murderous aura.

Wu Bin, who grew up in a scholarly family, naturally never seen a scene such as this. Thus, his body immediately tremble with fear and shaking like a sieve.

“Bo-, boss….” Wu Bin regarded Qin Chao as a triad big brother, quavering, “I, I did try to go after Li Na, but she, she paid me no attention!”

Qin Chao’s tight grip is making Wu Bin gasping for breath while his legs were feebly kicking a couple of times.

The nearby girl knelt down in front of Qin Chao, and cried, “I beg you, I beg you to let him go, if this goes on like this, he will be strangled to death….”

“In the future, you’re no longer allowed to harass Li Na again.” Seeing this boy didn’t lie to him, Qin Chao loosens his hand and put Wu Bin down. The guy’s face was flushed. He continues to cough long after he was released.

“Wu Bin, have you seen me today?” Qin Chao held out his hand, patted his face and asked.

“No, no! Who are you? I don’t recognize you! I have not seen you!” Wu Bin is panicking, he repeatedly shook his head. He took the girl on the ground and quickly ran down the stairs. They felt that the person behind them is not Li Na’s brother, but a demon.

But Qin Chao was just leaning against the wall. Reflecting that, just now, he was a little too violent.

He was not like this before, treating others with violent means… Does that mean that practicing devil’s cultivation have started to influence his mind?

He can vaguely sense that if that boy resists his treatment, he may have indeed killed him.

Does he not value other people’s life anymore?

When Qin Chao was still in a daze, the classroom door finally opened. Su Ji and the female teacher walked out together.

Both women were smiling at each other, with Su Ji continuously speaking to that teacher.

“Then thank you for troubling you teacher. You don’t have to worry about us; I can assure you I will definitely inform Li Na’s mom. You also know that her mother is quite busy, but fortunately, I have relatively not many things to do, so I have plenty of times to have a heart-to-heart chat with Li Na.

“This is good. Improving the children’s achievements is the shared responsibility between us teacher, and parents.” The female teacher nodded while never took a single glance toward the nearby Qin Chao, “We must continue to have a talk in the future regarding the matter that we talk today.”

“Of course, of course, must bother you again then.” Su Ji said goodbye to the homeroom teacher and then pull the still somewhat confused Qin Chao down the stairs.

“What did you two talk about?” Qin Chao curiously asked Su Ji, “such a rude and unreasonable female teacher, have been taken care by you?”

“What unreasonable?” Su Ji gives him an eye, “the teacher is very responsible. She cannot do anything if the school want to receive more money. Moreover, if we look from the teacher’s perspective, the idea of puppy love is indeed worse than a fierce tiger.”

“I still don’t believe that Li Na is in love.” Qin Chao pursed his lips, went outside and unlocks his bike’s lock, “Even if someone kill me I still will not believe it. Chances are, this decreased performance was because the big pressure on the study that was put on her by that teacher. Perhaps I should find an opportunity to make her relax.”

“Hmm, how could you be so sure that she doesn’t have puppy love?” Su Ji sits on the bicycle seat and clutching on Qin Chao’s waist, “It is you who are dull (slow to understand), even I can see it!”

“What? Does Li Na really have puppy love?” Qin Chao pedals his bicycle toward his apartment while mumbling to himself.

“Who the hell is this guy (that Li Na love) then… moreover, should I tell this to her mother?”

In the back, Su Ji sits straight while rolling her eyes, thinking in her heart, ‘who could it be but you, the dull man! Also, you really should not tell this to her mother. Otherwise, it would be strange if her mom doesn’t chop off your flesh.’

The two of them were silent for a while. Suddenly Su Ji opened her mouth and said, “Qin Chao, let’s not talk about Li Na. Why don’t we talk about something that both of us interested?”

“What? Talking about sex?”

“Drop dead! Can’t you fill your head with something serious?”

“Of course, there is a serious thing in my head. It’s none other than you!”

“Less ‘sweet speech and honeyed words.’ Hm, let me ask you, wouldn’t you want to know about the origins of this thing on my wrist?”

Then, this chick stretches out her soft white wrist in front of Qin Chao and shakes her wrist twice. The Buddhist prayer beads issued a faint golden light, making Qin Chao somewhat flustered.

Qin Chao was surprised, did she want to lay out her cards on the table now?

“Of course, I want to know…”

“He he, I’ll tell you after you cook me a dinner!”

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