Sword Among Us

Chapter 43 - Invade Black Wind Mountain At Night

Chapter 43: Invade Black Wind Mountain At Night

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Dragon Tiger Sect!

Happy did not have a lot of memories about them from his previous life, but that was not strange.

Besides a wise leader to build and maintain it, a sect also needed strict rules and a group of people who were willing to sacrifice themselves for it!

Even so, Sword Qi Sect, which once commanded the world of martial artists and whose name spread far and wide, still dissolved in one night. Even though it had a grand lineup of one duke and three aces among them, was a major sect that was respected by all the people in World of Martial Arts, and no one could compare to its fame, it still did not manage to stay for more than half a year in World of Martial Arts.

Since its people were dragged into too many fights and were too arrogant, the damages they suffered time and again and the resources they wasted exhausted all the Sword Qi Sect disciples. They dissolved into four small sects, and while they could still gain a footing in World of Martial Artists through the four people who led them, they no longer had the fame they once possessed. Their status from then on was a far cry from before, and countless people could only sigh in regret when they thought about them.

Dragon Tiger Sect might be a normal sect that would end up being drowned by the tides of the game.

When he thought of this, Happy sent a signal to Eastern Green Gate and Whirlwind Young Li with his eyes. He told them not to alert the players from Dragon Tiger Sect, and hey groped about for a way out before they continued heading up the mountain.

“Where are we going?”

“If we continue up, we’ll run into Black Wind Mountain’s entrance… eldest senior brother?”

Not far ahead of them were burning torches that lit up the outline of a mountain stronghold. Huge round logs were bound tightly in rows, creating several feet tall barriers. There were people moving above them to keep a lookout on the surroundings,. The place looked like a mini standard military camp!

Beyond the wide open gates of Black Wind Mountain’s stronghold were groups of men in black. They either stood or sat near the entrance to guard it. There were not many of them, and they were scattered about the area, but their eyes were wary. They would occasionally sweep their gaze through the forest where Happy and the others were.

When they saw this, Eastern Green Gate and Whirlwind Young Li could not help but become nervous. They stilled their breaths and stared at Happy’s back with a little uncertainty and excitement.

“Who is it?!”

A shrill whistle sliced through the air, and the mountain bandits on the wooden wall of the stronghold shouted out, breaking the silence of the night!

Two short groans could be heard, and two Black Wind Mountain Bandits at the entrance fell on their backs. Happy did not hesitate. He rushed out of the forest, and the lancet knives left his grip again…

Thud! Thud!

The lancet knives could bring miraculous power in Happy’s hands, since he had already reached Grandmaster Realm with Lancet Knife Throwing Technique. When the Black Wind Mountain Bandits noticed that some of their brothers had been attacked and died, they saw two cold flashes from the dark forest appear and disappear swiftly.

Sharp pain instantly engulfed two Black Wind Mountain Bandits’ minds before everything before their eyes turned black!

In a single moment, four of the seven mountain bandits near the entrance of the stronghold in Black Wind Mountain died!

Clang, clang, clang, clang…

A clear and urgent alarm rose from above the wooden wall. The forest trembled with the sound, and a large flock of nocturnal birds flew into the night sky. All the people in the stronghold snapped awake from their sleep.

Happy scowled. Then, without even thinking, the lancet knives that slipped into his grip nailed the mountain bandit on the wall who had struck the bell to warn the other bandits.

“Kill them!”

A chilling glare shone in Happy’s eyes, and he rushed out of the forest. He attacked nonstop, his throwing knives snatching lives without care. In a short period of time, he got rid of the three remaining mountain bandits at the entrance. With that, all the mountain bandits at the entrance of the stronghold were gone.

“Eldest senior brother!”

Whirlwind Young Li and Eastern Green Gate chased after him from the forest. When they saw the corpses sprawled all over the entrance to the stronghold, they sucked in a deep breath and looked at each other in shock.

Happy’s throwing knives had become faster and sharper…

However, they did not think that throwing knives alone were enough to destroy the stronghold. When they heard the hasty and disorderly footsteps and shouts from the stronghold, they knew that the mountain bandits inside had been alerted. Once they rushed out, even if they had a few Happies on their side, it would not be enough.

Before they could say anything or call for retreat, with the help of the light from the fire, the trio saw a large group of Black Wind Mountain Bandits with various blades surge out. They had murderous looks, and their overwhelming presence caused their expressions to change slightly.

‘That’s way too many mountain bandits!’

Whirlwind Young Li and Eastern Green Gate were so scared that their faces turned pale. If it were not because Happy remained standing in front of them and never took a step back, they would have turned around and ran away a long time ago.

The two of them could say nothing. They gulped and groaned in their hearts.

While it was very exciting to face so many mountain bandits, Eldest Senior Brother Happy was going for a far too large gamble this time! They could not handle so many mountain bandits!

But Happy did not share the same thoughts. He cast a glance at the entrance of the stronghold, and with a flick of his wrist, two of the Black Wind Mountain Bandits at the forefront of the group grunted and fell. He shouted, “Young Li! Eastern Gate! Guard the entrance!

The eyes of the two people behind him lit up. They were surprised and delighted, because they had understood what Happy meant.

The entrance to the stronghold was less than ten feet, and it could at most let four people pass through at one point in time. This meant that they only needed to go up against four Black Wind Mountain Bandits at the same time. With their abilities, this should not be too much of a problem.

“Let’s go!”

The two looked at each other and nodded. They moved past Happy and took positions to guard the entrance to the stronghold from both sides.

When they saw the Black Wind Mountain Bandits draw closer to them, neither showed any signs of fear.

At the entrance, the Black Wind Mountain Bandits had to squeeze against each other. The people in front got pushed forward, head straight into Happy’s lancet knives, from which they keeled over and died.

At first, the Black Wind Mountain Bandits did not notice their plot and continued to rush against the two people at the entrance fearlessly, but before they could get close, there were already eight corpses lying before them.

When they rushed at Whirlwind Young Li and Eastern Green Gate, the two of them attacked at the same time.

Their weapons flashed, and naturally, the bandits at the front row did not dare to receive them with their flesh. They stopped moving, and once they halted their charge, the people behind them stopped moving as well.

The lancet knives took away two more lives.

Whirlwind Young Li and Eastern Green Gate easily blocked the other two Black Wind Mountain Bandits.

When the bandits jumped over their brothers’ corpses, two more throwing knives appeared in Happy’s hands.

His moves were decisive, and he did not dally!

The corpses at the entrance of the stronghold swiftly piled up, making it difficult for the mountain bandits to get through.

In the end, there were ten corpses at the entrance, but the mountain bandits still did not manage to charge out. It was only then that the Black Wind Mountain Bandits finally noticed that the situation was bad for them. They began to rush to the wooden walls around the stronghold, prepared to jump down from them to launch a pincer attack on Happy, Eastern Green Gate, and Whirlwind Young Li.

But unfortunately for them, Whirlwind Young Li and Eastern Green Gate did not feel any sort of pressure while they guarded the entrance. They each easily dealt with a Black Wind Mountain Bandit on their own. They killed two people while the bandits did not have any room to move without much trouble!

Hence, Happy decided to not interrupt the duo from practicing their skills. When he saw Black Wind Mountain Bandits appear on the wooden wall, he threw his knives upward, and the mountain bandits who showed their heads on the wooden walls immediately got hit.

The lancet knives reaped kill after kill.

As more Black Wind Mountain Bandits appeared on the wooden walls, Happy felt the pressure on him increase. Some bandits even began to jump down.

However, those people naturally became Happy’s prime targets.

He would never let these people bother Whirlwind Young Li and Eastern Green Gate.

The moment anyone jumped down, Happy used his throwing knives to kill them.

There were not many bandits in the stronghold.

Ten of them had died outside the entrance just then, and later on, another ten or so of them had died while trying to reach the trio. If they added the ones who died on the wall and at the foot of it, then there were no less than forty bandits who had died in Happy’s hands!

Young Li and Eastern Green Gate had also killed a few.

As time went on, Young Li and Eastern Green Gate killed a few more bandits, and the corpses that piled up at the entrance practically sealed the place shut. The duo then resolutely moved away from the entrance and faced the mountain bandits who jumped down from the walls.

The entrance to the stronghold was now a disorderly and miserable sight!

At that moment, a loud, sonorous roar tumbled out from within the depths of the stronghold like a crack of thunder. “Which idiot decided to invade my stronghold?! Tell me your name! I refuse to kill any nameless fool!”

The trio’s faces froze.

The master of the stronghold had come…

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