After Getting Abandoned, I Choose to Become the General's Wife

Chapter 40

Chapter 40: Little Wang’s Counterattack

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The news that Fang Ya was getting married soon spread around the neighborhood through the large woman’s mouth.

Fang Ya, who had wanted to get married in a low-key manner, had now become a hot topic of discussion.

The Neighborhood Committee was a place with many people and many mouths. It was inevitable that Fang Ya would hear some gossip inside.

Although she did not care about how others judged her, she would not allow anyone to slander her family!

Fang Ya packed her things and saw two women who had previously gossiped about her walking in.

“Ah, Sister Niu is not here?” A woman looked at Fang Ya in the distance and said.

Little Wang sat in her seat and asked the woman, “May I help you?”

“I’m here to ask if we have an infestation problem,”the woman raised her voice and said.

Little Wang frowned slightly. She looked at the woman and asked, “What infestation?”

The woman snorted and said, “Precisely, I’m asking.”

“I heard some rodents of questionable morals have been running about lately. I’m here to prepare ahead of a rainy day.” The woman said, proud that she had used the right idiom.

Little Wang’s expression became a little strange. “What are you talking about?!”

“We’re all neighbors. It’s best not to talk about such nonsense,” Little Wang warned.

“What nonsense? I’m afraid that someone will corrupt the culture here. Am I wrong?” The woman glanced at her companion.

The woman beside her echoed, “That’s right! Every family’s children are watching. Men come and go every day!”

Fang Ya took a deep breath and ignored their conversation.

Little Wang looked at the two women and suddenly became angry. “Do you even know what you’re saying?!”

“Why wouldn’t we?” The woman glared at Little Wang angrily.

Then, she glanced in Fang Ya’s direction. “If you don’t want tongues to wag, stop wagging your hips about!”

Little Wang’s expression suddenly became even uglier. “I think you guys have nothing better to do and decided to waste my time instead! You haven’t forgotten to feed the children at home, right?”

“That woman is a disaster if she stays here with us!” The woman said fiercely.

“Right! That’s right! We have to kick her out!” The other woman also became high-spirited.

Little Wang narrowed her eyes. “Don’t go too far!”

“Hey, we aren’t even talking about you. Why are you so anxious?” One of the women sneered at Little Wang.

Little Wang frowned and looked at the two women. “People like you who criticize others are the most annoying!”

Little Wang was a young lady with a short temper, to begin with.

These women spoke openly and secretly, and their eyes kept darting to Fang Ya. Everyone knew who they were talking about.

Little Wang was somewhat dissatisfied with Fang Ya because of He Feng’s matter. But after all, marriages between a man and a woman were never forced affairs!

Little Wang hated these women who did not have any ability other than jabbing at people with their sharp tongues.

Sister Niu had taught her much about restraint, so Little Wang did not charge into the battlefield just yet.

Now that these people were openly insulting her colleagues in front of her, Little Wang naturally would not sit idly by.

“Let me tell you, our Neighborhood Committee functions to serve the community!” Little Wang squared her shoulders and looked at the other party. “If you dare to spread rumors here, I will call the police to arrest you!”

Hearing Little Wang’s words, the two women immediately panicked.

They shrank back slightly. “We... We only spoke the truth!”

“That’s right! It’s all the truth!” The two women encouraged each other.

Little Wang did not care about that. He said with a serious expression, “If you have no evidence, you are committing defamation and fraud!”

The two women were scared. They immediately muttered, “I still have something to do at home.” Then, they hurriedly ran away.

Little Wang watched the two women running away in a hurry. She patted the non-existent dust off her hands, sat back in her seat, and continued to work.

Fang Ya saw Little Wang’s relieved look from afar, and the corners of her mouth curled up slightly.

“Little Wang...” Fang Ya called out softly.

Little Wang turned her head and glared at Fang Ya. She snapped at her. “What!”

Fang Ya held back a smile. “Thank you!”

Little Wang snorted, ignored Fang Ya, and turned her head.

The next moment, Little Wang’s lips also curled up into a smile. A moment later, Little Wang finally could not hold it in anymore.

She rushed to Fang Ya’s table. “Are you really going to marry He Feng?”

Fang Ya looked at Little Wang in surprise. Then, she nodded with a smile.

Little Wang pouted and said, “What a pity! I was hoping for a chance!”

Fang Ya saw Little Wang’s expression and apologized, “I’m sorry.”