Era of Castles: Starting with 99 Dragon Eggs

Chapter 40

Chapter 40: Upgrading the Castle! Dragon King Town!

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Besides, food was easy for him to obtain.

The little loli chatted with him for a while.

Mike was all smiles.

After wishing each other a safe morning, Mike turned off his friend information.

Then, he exchanged the refined iron he had traded for.

“I have a stock of refined iron, 22,220 units.”

“273,630 units of wood.”

“149,500 units of stone.”

“Everything is ready!”

Mike did not hesitate and opened the castle information prompt...

[Do you wish to upgrade Dragon King Castle to a town?]



Suddenly, a rich golden light enveloped his Dragon King Castle.

He could not see what was happening inside at all.

He could only vaguely see that the castle’s height was increasing, and its scale was also increasing.

At the same time.

The earth was shaking, and the Beginner’s protective shield was also expanding outward.

The wild monsters gathered outside the castle were forcefully pushed back.

Some wild monsters were roaring angrily and charging at the beginner’s protective shield. Their heads were bleeding, but the protective shield was undamaged.

The beginner’s protective shield would end in about two hours.

It was still invincible!

Mike also saw that as the protective shield spread, the trees around the castle, the boulders in the mountains, and so on, all disappeared into thin air and became flat ground.

A few minutes later.

The mutation ended.

An open space with a diameter of about two thousand meters appeared around the Dragon King Castle.

His castle was in the center of the empty space.

It was empty all around. Outside of the dragon nest and the warehouse, there were no other buildings.

“Obviously, the castle’s buildings need to be built by ourselves!”

Mike did not care about this.

In the future, the more building blueprints that were dropped, the more buildings in the territory would naturally increase.

Mike looked at his castle.

At this moment, the golden light had already dissipated, and the castle revealed a brand new appearance.

It had become even more magnificent than before!

It was nearly forty meters tall, about thirteen to fourteen stories high.

There were four secondary castles, and at the top of each secondary castle, there was a huge dragon statue.

The exterior decoration of the castle was also more exquisite.

It was no longer the low-grade castle from the beginning. It was tattered, as if no one had lived in it for more than ten years.

Now, his castle looked like it was built by a noble, and it was magnificent.

[Dragon King Castle.]

[Current level: Basic town.]

[Ordinary building: Warehouse.]

[Special building: Dragon nest.]

[Upgrade requirements: 500,000 units of wood, 300,000 units of stones, and 100,000 units of fine iron.]

[Next level: Intermediate town.]

[Current status: Invincible.]

[Current faction: None.]


Looking at the upgrade requirements for the next level [intermediate town].

Mike felt a slight pain in his teeth.

This was just upgrading to an intermediate town. If he were to upgrade to a city, a megacity, a kingdom, or an empire in the future, how many resources would he need?

Just thinking about it made his scalp go numb.

‘Perhaps in the later stages, I’ll use less ordinary resources. On the contrary, I’ll need some precious materials!’

Mike thought so.

At this time, the message came as expected.

[Congratulations, Castle Lord!]

[Your Dragon King Castle has been upgraded to a basic town. Its area of influence has been increased to 5,000 meters!]

[The defense value of the castle heart has been increased by five times!]

[Your Dragon King Castle’s influence and reputation in the foreign land have been greatly increased!]

[Special reminder: some forces in the Nirvana forest have noticed your castle!]


“The area of influence is 5,000 meters!”

“It’s almost close to the area of influence of that person’s castle.”

The Castle Lord, whom Mike regarded as an enemy force, was about 8 kilometers away from him, which was 8,000 meters.

The area of influence of the two people was about to intersect.

Under such circumstances, even if there was no previous friction, the two castle forces would definitely start a war.

Therefore, a war between castles was inevitable.

One could only blame the two castles for being too close to each other.

“The defense of the heart of the castle has increased by five times!”

“Every time the castle upgrades, the defense of the heart of the castle will double!”

“Its influence and reputation have also increased by a large margin!”

“Some forces should be careful.”

After all, if they wanted to rule the silent extinction forest, they would have to clash with them.

War was inevitable.


“Is there no reward for upgrading a town?”

Mike suddenly reacted and asked in his mind.

Then, he received a response from the notification.

[There is no special reward for upgrading a castle. Only the world announcement is used to motivate the other Castle Lords to work hard to develop their own castle forces!]

Mike immediately retorted.

“How can you motivate other Castle Lords without any rewards?”

“You have to understand that just because there are no rewards for leveling up, many top-tier Castle Lords are dragging their feet and not leveling up their castles. Instead, they are here to bid for my high-tier equipment.”

[Castle lords who receive excellent marks in the Beast Tide event can receive rewards!]

In short...

There was no reward for upgrading the castle!

Mike was very unhappy. He felt that he had lost 100 million.

He opened the [world chat channel].

The world chat channel was already in chaos because the world announcement had changed.

[World announcement: Congratulations to the Castle Lord, Mike, for being the first to upgrade the castle into a town. His influence and reputation in the Otherworld Continent have been greatly increased! I look forward to the Castle Lords not forgetting their original intentions and continuing to work hard! Look forward to stepping on the path of the ten thousand races as soon as possible and becoming a god and becoming immortal!]

[World announcement??]

[F*ck! Big brother Mike is awesome!]

[The first world announcement in history!]

[Big brother Mike has upgraded his castle so quickly. Mine is still an intermediate castle!]

[Although mine is an advanced castle, it is still far away from leveling up!]

[Big boss Mike auctioned off his equipment today. He made a lot of money! What’s so strange about leveling up a town?]

[Don’t delay my admiration for Big Boss Mike!]

[World announcement! When can I have one too? Then I will die in peace!]

[I’m very curious, what reward did big brother Mike get for being the first to level up his town?]

[Maybe it’s god-tier equipment!]

[Anyway, the reward must be very generous. After all, even the world announcement has been released!]

The world chat channel was very lively.

Many Castle Lords were guessing what reward Mike got?

God-tier equipment, blueprints, equipment, and so on. There were all kinds of speculations.

Even some Castle Lords with top-tier military services stood out. They congratulated Mike while expressing their envy.

Only Mike himself felt very uncomfortable.

He felt very wronged.

Apart from a world announcement, there were no rewards at all!

He felt like he was losing blood.

However, even if he knew that this would be the result, Mike would still upgrade the castle.

After all, this was the ‘main mission’, and it had to be completed without a reward.