I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 50

Chapter 50: Chapter 50 – Target: Sword Conference!

“My sword is your sword.”

Little Jiang Xue’s heart blossomed with happiness and the smile on her face could no longer be held back. She simply loved Zhou Xuanji’s attitude in not distinguishing between his and hers.

She shook her head as she jiggled, “It’s okay. I can’t even train one sword well, how can I do it with ten? I’m afraid I will go crazy.”

At this time, North Valiant Sword suddenly approached.


He knelt down straight away, his knees smashing three pebbles into flying pieces.

He tried to withhold his excitement and said, “Master, can you teach me this supremely powerful sword technique?”

Previously, when he heard that Xiao Jinghong was Zhou Xuanji’s disciple, he still had his reservations and thought the young master was just bluffing.

Now, he was fully convinced.

Compared to his master, Sword God Zhou, Xiao Jinghong was not even considered as a little brother!

This was the true grandmaster in the Way of the Sword!

He could realize a supremely powerful sword technique by training blindly!


Northern Valiant Sword thought that the Ten-thousand Sword Dragon Incantation was Zhou Xuanji’s self-created sword technique. This was because he had never seen it before, neither did he see his young master coming into contact with anyone else.

Zhou Xuanji stared at him, said, “There are thousands of sword techniques in the word, the best is one that belongs to you. You took the path of a dominating sword, recklessly charging ahead. Two or three swords may not be better than a single sword.”

Of course, my ten swords are surely better than a single sword!

Northern Valiant Sword heard him, and his body trembled as the realization dawned.

He was always pursuing Zhou Xuanji’s dual sword will, but he was found difficulty executing two sword techniques simultaneously.

He only came realized today after he heard from his master.

Single-wield is his path!

Zhou Xuanji suddenly took out his Swine Culling Sword and said, “Open your eyes and see.”

He tossed with his right hand, executing the Ranged Sword Propelling. The Swine Culling Sword flew toward the forest ahead, cutting down countless trees across hundreds of yards before penetrating a small hill.

Even at dusk, the group of people could see the small hill break into two. The Swine Culling Sword continued flying toward the sky.

So fast!

Northern Valiant Sword’s heartbeat hastened. It was not his first time seeing the Ranged Sword Propelling. Previously, he thought that it was Zhou Xuanji’s overwhelming strength, but seeing it now at close distance, he realized that it was a sword technique.

Zhou Xuanji raised his right hand, and the Swine Culling Sword returned to him. He said, “Ranged Sword Propelling. At Great Accomplishment, you can kill enemies across a hundred yards in an instant.”

Northern Valiant Sword looked in envy, “Master, can I learn?” he asked.

Northern Valiant Sword was quite powerful. If Zhou Xuanji were to continue roping him in, he had to give some incentives. Zhou Xuanji had thought about it and decided that the Ranged Sword Propelling was best for him.

There was no future for him to learn dual sword will.

With such talent, he could hardly go against heaven’s will.

Zhou Xuanji said, “Yes, you are loyal to me. You have done well for all the tasks I have given. Since you cannot master dual sword, then master the Ranged Sword Propelling. I have many sword techniques, there might be something more suitable for you in the future. Continue to work hard.”

Northern Valiant Sword heard and kneeled before him in excitement.

Huang Lianxin also looked at him in expectation.

He raised his head and said, “As my sword slave, you will surely be second to only me.”

Second to only him!

He will be the strongest!

The sword slave and the maidservant’s blood was boiling with passion. They saw Zhou Xuanji mastering the Ten Sword Mode and were totally convinced of what he said.

“Okay, time for dinner!”

Zhou Xuanji said as he waved his hand, he then led the group back to the village.

The small snake was still in shock as the Three-Eyed Drought Rodent started moving and dragged him in a mad rush, almost killing him.

That night, the villagers thought there was danger nearby, because of the loud noise caused by the Swine Culling Sword when it destroyed a hill. So, they went to investigate, but they found nothing.

Zhou Xuanji was still in wait.

He wanted to move into the Great Zhou Empire after he reached eleven years old.

But to participate in the Heaven Selection of Great Zhou, he needed to do another thing that will shake the world.

During this half a year, he did not do much, so his fame dropped.

Powerful organizations would only rope him in if he’s famous enough, only then would they recommend him to Great Zhou’s Heaven Selection.

He summoned his sword slave and maidservant to ask them about this.

“Something big that could raise popularity?”

Huang Lianxin fell into deep contemplation.

Northern Valiant Sword said, “I know about one thing, which is situated at a border city within the Great Zhou Empire. The Great Zhou Sword Monarch’s head disciple, Xie Wuyou, holds a Sword Conference. Once every five years. The winner will head toward the Sword Library for a three-day visitation. At the same time, the winner will have the opportunity to become a disciple of the Sword Monarch.”

The Sword Library contains countless sword indexes, sword techniques. It was a sanctuary for the Way of the Sword in Great Zhou.

Only the disciples of the Great Zhou’s Sword Monarch had the opportunity to enter the library.

The Sword Monarch was held with high regard in Great Zhou. Although he had no office, he was under the command of the Great Zhou Empire.

He was a hegemon of the cultivation world in the Great Zhou Empire, and he could protect the empire from any danger, but he was supported financially by the Great Zhou Empire. As such, the two of them needed each other.

Zhou Xuanji asked, “When does the sword conference start? How long will it take to go there?”

“Half a year later. It will take four months to travel from here, ” Northern Valiant Sword replied.

Zhou Xuanji said, “In that case, we will move out in a month!”

Northern Valiant Sword had no objections. He was very interested in the sword conference too and had participated in it. But it was a pity that he did not emerge victoriously.

Zhou Xuanji returned to the hut and told Little Jiang Xue about it.

“If you still want to wait for your grandma, then stay here. Ah Big and Small Er will stay back as well to protect you.”

He sought her opinion because he could not always force her to be with him.

The girl was close to fifteen years old. One year later, she would be married to someone, according to the customs.

Little Jiang Xue heard him and pinched his ears, “Of course I will follow you. I don’t think my grandma will come back. Without me, who will take care of you?” She snorted.

Zhou Xuanji’s felt warm in his heart, but he pretended to be in pain, saying, “Release your hands, my ears are hurting.”

“No! You still dare to say such things in the future?”

“No, no, I don’t dare to do it anymore…”

“Humph, don’t ever think of dumping me!”

“Okay, then let’s have a deal, never leave each other!”

Zhou Xuanji took the opportunity to go further.

Little Jiang Xue had the same intention too, so she extended her pinkie and said, “Then let’s do it your way, pinkie promise to never change. And yes, we must add another promise, to not marry so many wives and concubines in the future!”

With Huang Lianxin around now, she could ask her many questions. Little Jiang Xue was no longer the naive girl she used to be.

“Why?” Zhou Xuanji asked with eyes wide open.

He laughed in his heart. This girl really grew up and was starting to think more. Now, she even dug a hole for him.

Little Jiang Xue twisted her hand, stared at him with glistening eyes, and said, “There is no why. Do you promise or not?”

Zhou Xuanji curled his lip and said sadly, “If you do this, aren’t you afraid that I won’t be able to find a wife in the future?”

“Best if you can’t!”

She said in excitement. As she spoke, she loosened her hand that was pinching his ear, crossed her arms, and looked proud.


Zhou Xuanji felt a sudden ache in his liver. As a man in this world, how could he be without a wife?

“Worst case, I will be your wife,” said Little Jiang Xue with her mouth pouting.

Zhou Xuanji pretended to be in shock and quickly back stepped. “Wow, you have such a hidden agenda!” he said.

Little Jiang Xue felt a mixture of shame and anger and she picked up the pillow, chasing after him.

Two innocent playmates, relying solely on each other; this love was already destined by heaven.

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